Do I need Association approval to renovate the interior of my unit?
No, but your renovation can not affect the exterior of the unit. In addition, your renovation must be in compliance with local building and fire codes. It is always a good idea to check with the appropriate authorities before embarking on a renovation. Don't forget to check with your insurance agent in case you need to purchase additional insurance for improvements or betterments to your unit.
May I attend Board meetings?
Board meetings are open to all Homeowners and Residents. The time and date of the meetings varies.  Meeting notices are posted on the clubhouse doors, printed in the newsletter and can be found on our website under Upcoming Events.
The Association carries insurance; does that mean I'm covered?
The Association carries property insurance on the buildings. Homeowners should carry insurance that is intended to cover your personal property.  In addition, if you cause damage to another unit you are responsible for those damages. For specific information on what your policy covers, please consult your insurance agent.
What does OUR condominium owners association do?
The Board of Directors is comprised of individuals duly elected and/or appointed to administer the operation and maintenance of Waterman Crossing Condominium Association.  Please visit the Board of Directors page for further details.
Where can my guests park?
Guests may park in an un-numbered, unassigned parking space.
Who is allowed to vote at the Annual meeting?
Any member (unit owner) in good standing, however there is only one vote allowed per unit.